Website Analytics


How is Your Website Performing?

Google Analytics Services | Leo ToddGoogle Analytics provides reports that measure the effectiveness of keywords and page content. Information is gathered from every page of your site to see what sites are leading customers to you, what pages receive the most traffic, what keywords they used to find you, and how long they stay on each page.

This information can be powerful. It provides insight into the best ways to add information that can generate more visitors, and delete content they find irrelevant – leading them to become disinterested and leaving your site.


Example of Using Google Analytics

Let’s say you’re a plumber and being found online with a search term we’ve chosen to target, such as “plumber, Huntington Beach”. However, I may find in your Google Analytics report that you’re also being found with a term we haven’t targeted, like “clogged pipes, Huntington Beach”. This information can be used to have an article written on “Fixing Clogged Pipes in Huntington Beach” placed onto your website to solidify your authority on the subject and improve your search rankings.


What is Google Webmaster Tools?

Google Webmaster Tools is a powerful free tool kit that makes sure Google can crawl your website properly.

It also performs diagnostics on your site, such as:

      • Submit a sitemap that lists all pages of your site
      • Discover problems Google might have crawling your site
      • Provide info on how fast your pages are loading
      • Report duplicate content issues
      • See what keywords people are using to find you
      • See what sites are linking to your website
      • And a much more


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