Top 3 Rules for Your First Website

Creating your first website can be seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. A few years back when most marketing materials were printed, you were financially committed once the ink hit the paper. When hiring a website designer to build a new website, you can refine or add content as the inspiration hits you. Follow these 3 rules to get your message out, and start growing your business!

Rule #1

Avoid the mistake of not having a website built…don’t be intimated! Imitate the largest software companies and offer a “Minimum Viable Product”. Determine the absolute minimum number of features you need, then refine over time and make it better.

Rule #2

You don’t need to get it right, just need to get it going. The first thing someone looks for when they consider hiring or working with someone is their website. People question how serious you are. Get one out there! Let it age.

Rule #3

Follow the 80/20 rule. What do I really need? What are the “MVPs”, or Most Valuable Pages? A local business website should include these pages:

Welcome/Home Page –  with Call to Action (CTA). Ask the visitor to call, sign up, enroll, learn more, etc.

About Page – Include your company’s background, and as much as you feel comfortable sharing about yourself – especially if you’re a sole proprietor! People want to do business with people they like, or feel they can connect with. So sharing information about yourself can bring big rewards. Including a picture of your smiling face can be the most powerful selling feature on your site.

Services Page – Present information about your services and what differentiates you from the competition. Make sure that words being used to search for your services are included within the headings and paragraphs.

Contact Page – Your phone number(s), email address and/or contact form, Google Map identifying your location, and hours of business can be included.

Every page should include your company’s Name, Address and Phone number (NAP), to help the search engines identify your company for local search results.

Remember, you can always tweak your website. Provide the public with your pertinent information, and get your company’s story out there!