Social Media Marketing

Integrating Social Media into your online presence is a key component in today’s marketing strategy. The Internet and social media are radically changing the way people research products and services before making purchasing decisions.


Leveraging Positive Reviews, “Friends” and “Likes”

Social Media Buttons

One of the primary reasons many businesses hold the number one search result for a competitive keyword query, is due to social media mentions and positive reviews across a variety of blogs, in Google Places and within other social media sites. Additionally, businesses are harnessing the power of “friending” and “Likes” to spread their messages, gain fans and increase exposure.

Imagine having 100 people “like” your business on Facebook, and each person has an average of 150 friends. Your business now has a potential reach of up to 15,000 people!


Thought Leadership

So continuously providing information to your audience base not only builds name recognition, it puts you in the position as a market leader. Attaining and retaining strong positions in search results is becoming more dependant on businesses providing fresh, relevant content that visitors are actively looking for. People like to do business with people they like and trust. Sharing information that helps visitors make informed purchasing decisions positions you as authoritative, genuine and open.


Creating a Content Calendar

One of the most effective ways to get information in front of your audience via Social Media is to create a Content Calendar. That is, identifying subjects your audience would find helpful, and posting them on a regular (weekly, monthly, etc.) basis. The goal is to identify the areas to be discussed, and commit to having the articles written. Here’s the good news, if you’re not a writer, you don’t have to go at this alone. If an owner can talk about their business, a good content writer can set up a call and come away with enough info to write several quality articles.


Reputation Management

Social media and the Internet give customers and prospective customers powerful tools to collectively discuss a businesses’ products and services online. Today, peer reviews (what customers say about various businesses’ products and services), as well as expert reviews (comments by authorities in your business niche) can carry far more weight in consumers’ purchasing decisions than what your site says about your business.


Let me help establish a social media presence for your business! I set up company profiles on Facebook, Google Places, Yelp and other leading social media sites and develop plans to cultivate and manage your online reputation while generating more interest about your products or services.

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