Remodeling Contractor Website Design

Designing a website for Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Contractor Performance Construction, centered around telling stories of their past projects. I decided the best way to engage viewers coming to the company’s website was to provide compelling images and enough written content to convince them that Performance was detail oriented, and very thoughtful about the process.

This tactic would serve multiple purposes:

  1. Providing rich, colorful pictures confirmed the quality of the remodeling services being performed.
  2. The written content would describe what was involved in the project – in a clear, concise manner.
  3. The site could be used as a reference point for clients seeking design inspiration.
  4. The pictures AND the written content would be valuable information that Google would index, and provide in search results for potential customers looking for these services.

Creating Content – I interviewed the owner of Performance Construction, Michael Bergamo, about each of the projects, asking questions such as:

  • What was the client looking for?
  • Were you able to direct them on fixtures, finishes, etc.?
  • Were you able to guide them in a way that produced cost savings?
  • Were there any obstacles that you needed to overcome?

Remember, when you are creating a remodeling contractor website (or having one created), try to share as much knowledge as you can about the project – but within reason! You want to engage the viewer with relevant, pertinent, informative content, but not to the point of overload.

Gallery Images: I was extremely fortunate that Michael had taken pictures of several of his projects. I can’t emphasize this point enough to ALL service industry professionals – take pictures (preferably before and after, if appropriate)  of every noteworthy job you perform! Potential customers LOVE images.

I took over 200 images into Photoshop for this website, and either enhanced the color, cropped out unnecessary areas, or took out any distracting elements.

Remodeling Contrators Website Design


Branding/Logo – The logo I created for Performance is clean and straightforward. The arrow reinforces “Performance”, while the house reinforces their focus on residential remodeling.

Performance Construction now has a site where potential customers can see the quality of their work, and the services provided. If you’re looking for a quality remodeling contractor in the greater Orange County, CA area – give Michael a call at (714) 655-6427, or visit his website at

If I can help you market your business online, you can contact me through my, or please feel free to give me a ring at (714) 698-9290.