Princess Parties Orange County

Princess Parties Orange County came about from a request my daughter Natalie Todd received a few years ago to dress up like Rapunzel, and entertain children at a birthday party. A few years later, she was asked if she could  dress up and perform as Elsa from the hit movie “Frozen”.

She worked with her mother to create the costumes, and the results were fantastic. The children loved her and were enthralled by her presence. She started to place ads locally, and received quite a few responses. The parents who were calling wanted to see pictures of her and hear her voice. So the development of a website with images taken at some of the parties, and videos of her live performances was the next project. (Having a dad who is a professional website designer came in handy at this point.)

The Home Page includes an image of Natalie with the guests at a “Frozen” Birthday party. An Image Slider provides visual cues that encourage site visitors to view her “Frozen Princess Birthday Party” page, or review her performing experience.

Contact information, company name and logo, and site menu navigation are placed in the footer section of each page.

The Frozen Princess Birthday Party page provides a brief overview of a typical party. More detailed information can be found on the Packages pricing page. Great images captured of Natalie and the party guests are featured along with ideas on how to decorate for a Frozen Birthday Party. Additional Princess characters (and their respective web pages) will be developed in the future including: Cinderella, and The Little Mermaid.

The Performing Experience page provides prospective customers an opportunity to see Natalie’s background as an alumnus of The Academy For the Performing Arts (APA) and Christian Youth Theater. It also showcases her voice in a couple of performances while with APA. Live recordings of her performing Frozen’s “Let it Go”” are in the works.

The Packages page provides a variety of entertainment option at various pricing levels for customers to choose from for their Princess Party.

The clean presentation and engaging photo galleries allow site visitors to connect with Natalie’s business, in a professional manner. All photos, titles, headlines and content within each page has been optimized so search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo can easily find her, and present her services in search results.

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