Photo Enhancements

1976 Warren Football

Original 1968-72 photographs were scanned and refined in Photoshop. Distracting background elements such as light poles, power lines, etc. were erased. Colored was restored with increased saturation and color corrected skin tones.

The  Warren Bear logo was completely redrawn in Photoshop to create clean lines and vibrant colors.  Edges of the football program cover were re-created, the color corrected, and the faded type restored.

Pictures taken at the stadium while dusk and night time, were brought back to life.

Tom Scutti Roofing

Distracting power lines and light poles were erased to increase the focus on each roof. Major stains on the driveway, roof air conditioners and antennas were deleted as well.

Existing stock photos purchased for the website are re-purposed to create the estimate form graphic.