Mason and Kelsey

Kelsey Griffin is an awesome young lady. She has been one of my daughter Miranda’s closest friends since they entered High School. They were often confused for each other in the hallways, and asked if they were sisters.

Miranda was invited to be present when Kelsey’s boyfriend, Mason was going to propose to her in front of the Castle at Disneyland. Miranda captured the event, and would later shoot an Engagement video of the couple.

I offered to build a wedding website for Kelsey, as a wedding gift, using Miranda’s photos and video as the basis.

Here is the result so far. The site really won’t be “made public” to the wedding guests until much closer to the date. There is still some content to be added, such as a gift registry area where images will contain direct links to their completed registry pages at their chosen stores. Directions to the event will be added to the completed RSVP page and some other minor tweaks. Take a look around!

Check Out the Live Site