Gramps with Amps

Fun and nostalgia are the themes defining the Gramps with Amps website. Highly saturated images enforce the feeling of fun and excitement that surf and 60’s music evoke. Playful portraits including a remake of the Beatles “Abbey Road” give the band an approachable quality. The Song List graphic represent both Surf and 60’s music.


Pertinent information is presented immediately on the Home page, with thumbnails of the latest Blog posts, list of upcoming events, MP3 samples of their live music, and a media gallery to get a sense of their live stage presence.


All photos and pages have been optimized so search engines can easily find them. Go to Google and type “Gramps with Amps”, then click on “Web” and “Images” at the top of the page to see if it works.


The “Gramps” now have a website that presents them in a very professional manner. It can be used as a reference point for potential customers, a place for fans to get the latest information, and a way for potential customers to find them through the search engines.


Check Out the Live Site