1976 Warren Football

Just about every city has a Facebook group titled “You know your from….if”. Seeing the joy and excitement in the shared comments over a nostalgic picture was an inspiration for the 1976 Warren Football site. The other inspiration was, well…I really like these guys.

Yearbook photos, original pictures and documents, and pictures taken at reunion events helped fill the pages. The main challenge came in cleaning up faded, stained original pictures. I wanted to present the story in a somewhat sequential manner, in a fun, visually stimulating format.

One of the prize pieces was possessing an original 1976 Warren vs Downey football program. I’m excited for the members of the “Now I really know you’re from Downey, if…” to see the local business ad’s. Also, anyone who played in the Downey Junior Athletic Association (DJAA) will enjoy seeing the photos, patches and trophies from the 1967-1972 era.

This website is a little out of the ordinary for me. It isn’t about helping a company generate business. It’s about sharing some great memories from the past. If you have an idea for creating something similar – give me a call!

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